I’ll add more questions as they come up. Here are a few for now though.

Where is Yohei from in Japan?

He is from Sendai, Japan. It’s about two hours and twenty minutes northeast of Tokyo. This is if you take the shinkansen.  (train)

How good is Yohei’s English?

His English is AMAZING! He rarely comes across a word he doesn’t know and I rarely catch him pronouncing an American word wrong. He didn’t know English when he first moved here, however, has learned over the last 7-8 years. He does have an accent, but I’m so use to hearing it that I barely notice it now.

How good is your Japanese?

My Japanese is not so great. I can read hiragana and katakana very well but am still learning Kanji. I know about 30 kanji so far. (There are over 2000 kanji in the Japanese language.) So, other than kanji, I can write in Japanese pretty well. My vocabulary is the problem. Let’s just say I have ALOT to learn still. I do understand the basic sentence structure though. It’s a working process. I just finished a Japanese I college class and am now signed up for Japanese II this fall. I will then be taking Intermediate Japanese I in the spring. I’m hoping that I will be able to at least kind of talk to his family by the time of the wedding. Fingers crossed!!!

Will you guys ever move to Japan together?

I get this question a lot. Yohei loves America and wants to try to stay here for a while. I’m sure one day he will want to go back though. As I just graduated, I want to actually work as an elementary teacher in the states for a while. Yohei just graduated with his masters in marketing/business. So he wants to try and pursue that for a bit in America as well. We don’t want to have to rehome my dogs or try to take them to Japan so we are hoping to stay here long enough for them to live out their lives here first. After that we’ll see. But who knows I guess.

When are you guys getting married?

We only recently got engaged and still have a ton to consider when it comes to marriage details. My dad lives in Singapore currently, my mom lives in Texas, my sister is about to live near me, and my brother lives in Pennsylvania. I do have a lot of family in Virginia and some in Florida and Costa Rica. That’s all just my family. Yohei has all his family in Japan. So we are still not sure where the best place to get married is or when we should do it. We are considering on getting married sometime during Summer 2018 though. Right now, we are discussing getting married in Kansas City, getting married in Tokyo or Sendai, or holding two weddings to please everyone. So, for now we’re not completely sure.

Will Yohei become an American citizen after we are married?

No. He would if he was allowed dual citizenship, but seeing as that is not the case, he doesn’t want to give up his Japanese citizenship. We will apply for him to get a green card for the time that we still live in America though.